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I am Guo Yunhe.

Born in a small village of Northern China and live an easy life until 16 years old. Days in high school are very hard and busy. Moved to Hangzhou, a city in southern China, in 2010 and started my university life. I like design. I like science and technology. I like computers, robots and internet. In 2014, I came to Finland with girlfriend. I study in Aalto University and live in Espoo. Now I live alone. (more…)

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Flexbin: Pure CSS Gallery Layout Like Google Images and 500px.com

Flexbin is a pure CSS implementation of flexible gallery layout like Google Images and 500px.com. This is my first Node package published. Pure CSS, no need for JavaScript or server side calculation Responsive, nice look on both desktop and mobile devices Gapless, all spaces between images are the same Little cropping, no deformation SASS support […]

Become KDE Developer

Yesterday my developer account application was approved. Today I submitted my first Subversion commit. Mark the day.

Set Linux Hostname And Domain Name Correctly

Why You Need Hostname Some software needs to know your hostname. If not provide, they will throw a warning or not work. You can use “hostname” command to see your current hostname. Use “hostname -f” to see your fully qualified domain name. If you get some error that cannot find fully qualified domain name, you […]

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Email: guoyunhebrave@gmail.com

Telegram: @guoyunhe