Code Journey #11

Highlights for the last month: HiDPI bug fixes and emulator packaging.


  • Kompare HiDPI [patch]
  • Filelight HiDPI [patch]
  • KSysGuard HiDPI, except the sensor graphy [patch]
  • Font manager HiDPI [patch]
  • enablefont and disablefont icon for font manager [patch]
  • KWallet HiDPI [patch]
  • KWin HiDPI [patch]
  • Krita splash screen HiDPI [patch]
  • Kate/KonsolePart dual screen rendering issue [bug] [patch]
  • Spectale Dual Screen issue [bug] [patch]


  • Update python-PyMuPDF package and fix linking issue
  • Update arcanist package and submit to Factory [request]
  • Submit PCSX2 package to Factory [request]
  • Update retroarch package to work out-of-box [request 1] [request 2]
  • Create retroarch-assets package [request]
  • Create retroarch-joypad-autoconfig package [request]
  • Create libretro-core-info package [request]
  • Create libretro-database package [request]
  • Create libretro-mame2000 core package [request]
  • Create libretro-genesis-plus-gx core package [request]
  • Create libretro-flycast core package [request]
  • Create libretro-yabause core package [request]

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