Switch The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Yuzu Emulation Guide (2K/4K+60FPS Update)

If you haven't used Yuzu emulator before, please read Switch Emulation With Yuzu first.

Update firmware

You MUST have firmware version 16.0.1 or newer to run TOTK. Note: prod.keys is related to firmware's major version. For example, prod.keys for 15.x firmware won't work on 16.x firmware. If you don't know how to install firmware, read Switch Emulation With Yuzu.

Fix the loading issue

Yuzu can load BOTW smoothly without any tweeks. However, TOTK stuck at the loading screen.

The solution is to download and install this mod: TOTKYuzuFix.zip. If you don't know how to install MOD, read Switch Emulation With Yuzu.

Then you should be able to load and play the game. I have an AMD RX6700 GPU, and it gives me stable 30 fps.

Fix graphic glitches (cloud pixels)

The first time you jump from the sky island and dive into the open world, you will see the weird cloud which looks like some QR code… The reason is that Yuzu hasn't compiled and loaded Vulkan shaders properly.

Here are two solutions:

  1. Save the game and restart. Everything should look fine.
  2. Download and install pre-compiled Vulkan shaders from the internet.

You may also see some frame drops when exploring new areas. This is also because of Vulkan shader compiling. As you play more, the game will become smoother.

Install native 2K/4K+60FPS MODs

TOTK's graphics is even more blurry than BOTW. Limited by low power of Switch, TOTK internally render to 560p~680p resolution and up-scale to 720p/1080p with FSR. So it looks worse than native 720p/1080p games. If you use Yuzu emulator's 2x resolution, the game was up-scaled twice to 2K/4K, which looks as bad as its original resolution.

However, with 2K/4K+60FPS MODs, we can make the game runs in native 2K/4K, and 40~60FPS. This is a huge boost of experience! Checkout the difference below:

Download MODs:

If you don't know how to install MOD, read Switch Emulation With Yuzu.

After MODs installed, configure the game in Yuzu (context menu -> properties). Make sure to set the following settings:

  • Add-ons tab
    • Check all installed MOD.
  • System
    • Check Unsafe extended memory layout (8GB DRAM), then we can use 8GB RAM, to render more details.
  • Graphics
    • Resolution set to 1X, we use native 4K, not fake 4K through FSR.
    • Anti-Aliasing Method set to None, to improve performance. (Optional)

Save and restart the game. You will run TOTK in 2K/4K+60FPS. If your GPU is not powerful enough, you might get only 40~50FPS. But that is still much better than the original 30FPS experience!

openSUSE Conference 2019 @Nuremberg

Participating openSUSE Conference is one of my dream. I always cannot find a time to do it until I made my mind to leave all other stuff. Thank my company for sponsoring my flight.

Munich Central Station

I have visited Munich for many times. It is familiar place but the memory is so far and mixed with smiles and tears. Feel a bit sad.

The conference started at 10am. When I arrived Nuremburg by train, it already afternoon.

Here we are
Like these lovely houses

The city is not big. Streets are wide, straight and clean, so I can easily find my way. I think when I retired, I will look for a similar place for the rest of my life.

Beer garden and geeks' talking
Tech report

It is a three day event. Everyday here are tech talks, mostly about containers, Kubernetes. I am not interested in though… There are also some tough topic, like the plan of openSUSE Foundation (SUSE doesn't seem liking the idea…).

Funny things:

  1. openSUSE and Fedora sponsor each other. Fedora developers made a GitLab replacement and even made a demo for openSUSE.
  2. Kernel of Leap and SLE is old. They need to backport new kernel patches. And the amount is tens of thousands. Usually you apply patches in a sequence. But they find a way to parallel apply patches in several seconds.
  3. A few openSUSE's servers run Fedora and Debian.
Summer feeling!
The long table meeting

It is interesting that someone recognized I made the opi tool. Also met a few friends from Japan. We talked online about font packaging. It is a unique experience to meet people in offline events. Taiwan friends stayed in the same hotel as me. So we get more chance to talk.

The most exciting part is to find QR code hidden in the square. Each gives you a link to a question. And you need 8/10 point to get a Gecko.

Catch a Geeko

Get to know many people. Drink non-alcohol beer. Exchange coins and bank notes.

Some cool guy's phone running Sailfish OS
Christian and me work on Wiki together for a long time
Chairman is also a fan of zoo

I enjoy it so much!