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  • Switch The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Yuzu Emulation Guide

    If you haven’t used Yuzu emulator before, please read Switch Emulation With Yuzu first. Update firmware You MUST have firmware version 16.0.1 or newer to run TOTK. Note: prod.keys is related to firmware’s major version. For example, prod.keys for 15.x firmware won’t work on 16.x firmware. If you don’t know how to install firmware, read […]

  • Work As Front-end Developer In Finland

    Work As Front-end Developer In Finland

    This is only my own story. I hope you find something helpful. But be aware the information can be out-dated and a little subjective.

  • openSUSE Conference 2019 @Nuremberg

    Participating openSUSE Conference is one of my dream. I always cannot find a time to do it until I made my mind to leave all other stuff. Thank my company for sponsoring my flight. I have visited Munich for many times. It is familiar place but the memory is so far and mixed with smiles […]