Programmer and Linux enthusiast.


2020–present, Alibaba (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., Front-end Developer

2019–2020, Adventure Club Helsinki Oy, Full-stack Developer

2017–2019, RestByte Oy, Full-stack Developer


2010–2014, Zhejiang University, Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design

2014–2017, Aalto University, Master of Arts in Collaborative and Industrial Design

Current Projects

KDE Simplified Chinese Localization

The official way to contribute to KDE localization is through SVN. If you don’t have KDE developer account, you have to send your po files through mail list. I maintained some scripts to synchronize KDE SVN and Crowdin platform, making contributing to Simplified Chinese localization straight forward.

Historical Projects

RetroArch Localization

RetroArch is the most popular retro game emulator. For a long time, the translation work is done by modifying C/C++ source code. I created scripts and CI workflow to integrate RetroArch’s GitHub with Crowdin localization platform. Since then, RetroArch supported many new languages and translation coverage increased a lot.

OPI – openSUSE Package Installer

An easy-to-use CLI tool to install extra RPM packages from openSUSE Build Service, Packman and other vendors. I write the first version in Perl as a hobby project. It has been rewritten in Python by Dominik Heidler, with a nice plugin architecture.


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