Switch The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Yuzu Emulation Guide

If you haven’t used Yuzu emulator before, please read Switch Emulation With Yuzu first.

Update firmware

You MUST have firmware version 16.0.1 or newer to run TOTK. Note: prod.keys is related to firmware’s major version. For example, prod.keys for 15.x firmware won’t work on 16.x firmware. If you don’t know how to install firmware, read Switch Emulation With Yuzu.

Fix the loading issue

Yuzu can load BOTW smoothly without any tweeks. However, TOTK stuck at the loading screen.

The solution is to download and install this mod: TOTKYuzuFix.zip. If you don’t know how to install MOD, read Switch Emulation With Yuzu.

Then you should be able to load and play the game. I have an AMD RX6700 GPU, and it gives me stable 30 fps.

Fix graphic glitches (cloud pixels)

The first time you jump from the sky island and dive into the open world, you will see the weird cloud which looks like some QR code… The reason is that Yuzu hasn’t compiled and loaded Vulkan shaders properly.

Here are two solutions:

  1. Save the game and restart. Everything should look fine.
  2. Download and install pre-compiled Vulkan shaders from the internet.

You may also see some frame drops when exploring new areas. This is also because of Vulkan shader compiling. As you play more, the game will become smoother.

Fix crash or freeze

Yuzu still has some memory leak issues. As you play the game, RAM usage keeps increasing. I recommend at least 16 GB RAM to play TOTK. Some GPU memory leaks can be worse. It can freeze or crash your system instead of Yuzu.

By now here isn’t perfect solution. Some suggestions:

  1. Quit all other apps when you run Yuzu + TOTK.
  2. Save your game progress frequently.
  3. Restart Yuzu every two hours.

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